Inventory Management

Posted Thursday, May 3, 2018

Inventory management

CuraScript SD has a dedicated procurement team that addresses all aspects of inventory management. Our complete Inventory Management System allows us to administer a manufacturer’s contractual needs, including but not limited to: requiring specific ordering days and order quantities, adhering to a manufacturer’s DOH requirements, all while taking into consideration their lead time to ensure optimum product levels. We respect our obligations to manufacturers and in-return we have an outstanding relationship with all of our vendors that is built from trust.

Inventory planning is based upon an initial forecast of purchasing trends and is regularly updated based on the actual demand presented. This insight, combined with consideration for key market factors such as seasonal demand, plant shutdowns, product supply shortages, and new indications, allow for our inventory plan to be updated on a real-time basis. We take into consideration a surplus of factors that could impact supply.

When determining inventory planning, we strive to achieve the proper balance between having the appropriate inventory on-hand to meet demand while ensuring that our financial resources are properly aligned to fulfil your business’s needs. Maintaining a balanced inventory prevents product expirations and waste, which translates to increased savings for you.

CuraScript SD is also EDI capable and can ensure standardization and transparency on all products purchased. By expediting transactions via EDI we can ensure a stable and accurate communication between partners.

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