Strategic Partnerships

We are recognized by the manufacturing community as both a reliable partner in the management of brands for optimal performance and as a valued resource for the development of competitive strategies and insight into industry dynamics. Our demonstrated abilities in building customized solutions supporting products with complex characteristics and rigid controls differentiate us in a market where our competitors struggle balancing technical expertise with operational excellence. CuraScript SD will leverage our core infrastructure, extensive resources, and years of experience to build and administer an innovative and cost-effective solution that can accommodate the program elements of any product.

In the marketplace today, there are a number of GPO's seeking avenues to expand and grow within the distribution space. With a demonstrated history of serving the community physician and large group practices over many years and throughout the gamut of market conditions, Matrix, along with its exclusive pharmaceutical distribution partner CuraScript SD, is wholly different to these other GPO's.

As the demand for drug through Matrix grows, so too does the recognition of value by its members. Such trust breeds a desire for greater interaction and increasing requests from Matrix's membership for new solutions to old concerns - e.g. inventory management programs, reimbursement tools, improved drug pricing, etc. In addition to extensive access and competitive pricing on branded and generic drugs, Matrix members also benefit from a wide range of programs, practice management tools and service agreements.

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