Matrix GPO

Matrix GPO, LLC (Matrix) is a group purchasing organization (GPO) structured to expressly address the unique needs of today’s community-based physicians and specialized medical professionals. As a provider focused, multi-disciplinary GPO, the membership of Matrix spans the continuum of disease state specialties. Designed with the intentional goal of supporting the long-term viability of the community-based specialist, the services provided through Matrix to these critical medical practitioners offer identifiable value to its members, to their patients and to the GPO’s pharmaceutical trade partners, alike.

Savings and value, whether derived through purchasing and/or services, is at the heart of any group purchasing arrangement. Aggregating the volume and capabilities of many equates to greater value and contracting leverage for the individual. The relationship Matrix enjoys with its membership is that of business partners sharing mutually aligned objectives, financial independence and viability in conjunction with physician autonomy in patient care management. From the financial perspective, Matrix assists today’s healthcare providers through:

  • Extensive Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical Contract Access
  • Drug Purchasing & Supply Chain Monitoring
  • Inventory Control & Management Solutions
  • Customized Reporting Tools
  • Benefit & Investigation Resources
  • Practice Management Services

In particular, GPO contract acquisition pricing for branded and generic drugs offer members significant savings opportunities through the Matrix network of pharmaceutical manufacturer relationships.

Matrix GPO is also uniquely positioned to partner with other national group purchasing organizations. When desired, Matrix GPO can supplement the existing product portfolio of a national GPO and strengthen the overall product offering for their membership.

Matrix GPO is a wholly owned, indirect subsidiary of the industry leading pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) Express Scripts and utilizes CuraScript SD as its exclusive provider of Specialty Distribution Services.

To become a Matrix GPO member, please download our Enrollment Form and return the completed form to your CuraScript SD Account Manager.

For more information about Matrix GPO, please call our toll-free number at 888.263.9982.



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