Renovation for Innovation

Posted Thursday, October 31, 2019

Did you know? CuraScript SD is one of Orlando Sentinel’s Top 100 Places to Work. 

Growing for the Future

CuraScript SD has recently completed renovations on our Lake Mary, Florida Headquarters. With over 370 employees across the company, it was critical to optimize and enhance space. With new and innovative features and meeting space there are now more opportunities for creativity and collaboration.  

The construction in Lake Mary took just over a year to complete and consisted of completely changing the layout and access to the building. CuraScript SD now has more room to grow and expand teams that will better serve physicians, vendors, and manufacturers.

Efficient and Effective Space

The building construction was utilized to showcase the corporate brand and to provide a fresh newly-designed space. Technology upgrades and open structure have created a welcoming and unique layout. Interactive tour points were added to allow for a personal approach to presenting and welcoming any vendors, manufacturers, or customers. We feel that the new layout better provides an effective and efficient space that better accommodates the needs and growth of CuraScript SD.

New Amenities

CuraScript SD believes in having happy employees and ensuring that their needs are met. Not only were dining areas expanded and refurnished but a new fitness center was added to the building. Casual sitting areas were added for informal meetings and conversations. New workstations, lighting, furniture, art, design, and branding integration have truly made the new headquarters feel like home. With all these new features, employees are able to optimize their time and space.  

Cutting the Ribbon

CuraScript SD’s President, Earl English was excited to showcase the space and welcome Express Scripts President, Tim Wentworth for a ribbon-cutting celebration after the building’s completion. This opportunity allowed for insight into the CuraScript SD and Express Scripts partnership, and discussion of future opportunities.  

CuraScript SD is ready with a new building and teams that are hyper-specialized to offer new and innovative products and services. We are excited for the future and look forward to new and exciting ventures.

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