Rare Disease Products and Support

Posted Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Did You Know? There are an estimated 25-30 million Americans living with a rare disease

Offering Big Solutions for Small Patient Populations

CuraScript SD is the Exclusive Distributor of 14 Drugs for Rare Diseases Across Different Disease States

01 | Navigating Acute Care

Acute care requires fast action and reliability. CuraScript SD can provide the products and services needed to expand the quality and capacity of any facility to treat patients in the acute care landscape. CuraScript SD offers exclusive products that are readily available to treat some of the most complex and delicate conditions. 

02 | Offering Unparalleled Support

CuraScript SD utilizes our Rare Disease Team who specializes in servicing orphan, ultra-orphan and rare disease products. This dedicated group has long-established relationships with hospitals, specialty pharmacies, physicians and infusion centers, allowing for seamless support, including critical response time for urgent patient needs and emergency order processing.

03 | Customized Business Solutions

We are proud to have long-standing consignment model relationships with hospital systems across the country for rare disease, orphan, ultra-orphan and critical life-saving pharmaceuticals. CuraScript SD has the expertise and exclusive relationships to help hospitals identify and recognize trends to eliminate waste, reduce your operating costs and improve patient outcomes. CuraScript SD specializes in providing customized end-to-end distribution services to the hospital, healthcare provider or authorized specialty pharmacy to meet the unique needs of these products with small patient populations. Service features of the Rare Disease team are:

  • Specialized Dedicated Sales and Customer Service Teams
  • Extensive Experience with Managing Products with REMS Requirements
  • Robust Specialty Distribution Resources and Process
  • Emergency Delivery Model
  • Stat Delivery Models Within Hours

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