Post-Order Placement Process

Posted Friday, April 9, 2021


Did you know? CuraScript SD ships all refrigerated items via next-day service.

CuraScript SD ships critical care medications to facilities across the country. We provide efficient and expedited service from order to delivery.

Pick Ticket

Once the distribution center receives an order, a ticket is printed with all needed items. Multiple tickets may be printed for one order depending on the items included. For instance, if the order has both non-refrigerated and refrigerated items. The shipping information is listed on the ticket along with a verification stamp based on the type of products and distribution center each item is  located.


Our distribution center employee, the picker, will take the ticket and acquire one item at a time, they scan each item to ensure the correct item has been picked. Lot number, expiration date, unit of measurement, and quantity are reviewed for accuracy. Once all specifics are matched, the picker will follow the same process until each item is picked and verified. The completed order will be placed on a conveyer belt in an order tote.


The order tote is then checked by an auditor. The auditor verifies the items in the tote match those on the pick ticket. Item numbers, item descriptions, quantities, lot numbers, and expiration dates are all verified again. Once the audit is complete the auditor will sign the pick ticket and place the order tote back on conveyor to be sent to the next step, packing.


The packer first scans the pick ticket, this records that the order is being processed for shipment. Each item requires different packaging according to item type and size. A program guides the packer through this process to ensure the correct shipping material is used. The packer once again verifies the items being packed match those listed on the pick ticket and utilizes assorted shipping materials to protect the integrity of all items.


Each package is processed through a program, taking its contents into review. Once the package is approved by the program, the shipping label is created and placed on the package, along with any additional labeling such as fragile or do not freeze. The shipment is then placed on a pallet for pick-up. The shipping label is scanned to start the tracking process once the carrier obtains the shipment.

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