Partnering With Pharmaceutical Suppliers

Posted Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Did You Know? CuraScript SD has direct experience with over 45 therapeutic areas.

We Provide an Integrated Portfolio of Services

CuraScript SD has partnered with over 115 pharmaceutical manufacturers

01 | Supplier Relations

As a market leader in the distribution of specialty pharmaceuticals, CuraScript SD is recognized by the manufacturing community as both a reliable partner in the management of brands for optimal performance and as a valued resource for the development of competitive strategies and insight into industry dynamics.

As the healthcare industry evolves and pharmaceutical expectations are amplified, CuraScript SD has continued to augment the value-commitment to our vendor partners through enhanced market distribution solutions, including the following:

02 | Market Access

  • Specialty Distribution
  • Diverse Product Portfolio
  • Nationwide Distribution
  • Rare & Orphan Drugs
  • Matrix GPO

03 | Specialty Solution

  • Inventory Management
  • Pricing & Eligibility Management
  • Services
  • Distribution Communications

04 | High Touch

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Reporting & Analytics

Because of our valuable relationships with our vendor partners and our shared commitment to patient care, CuraScript SD is a superior provider of comprehensive distribution solutions that offer complete transparency throughout the fulfillment process for physicians’ offices, practices, surgery centers, integrated delivery networks, and other clinical settings. 

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