Opposing Stigma in Men’s Health

Posted Friday, June 5, 2020

Did you know? American men live sicker and die younger than American women. 

Recognizing health needs and accepting help for better whole health are the first steps to preventing future illness. 

01 | Introduction

Overall health concern has been shown to be less of a priority in male populations than in studies of female populations. A terrible stigma around seeking regular healthcare exists and it causes delay in detecting diseases and various conditions. In some instances men are never diagnosed with an ailment and suddenly succumb to their illness. 

02 | Regular Care

Men should seek regular annual check-ups from primary care providers in order to maintain baseline records, and to cover regular testing needs. These visits are an opportunity to voice concerns about anything that might seem troublesome and your provider can offer steps and solutions for proper care.    

No one should ever feel it to be insignificant to share a symptom or incident that is worrisome. Be honest and direct with your provider in order to get the best possible outcomes for your health. Do not risk missing an opportunity for early detection of life-changing conditions. 

03 | Balanced Life

There are many factors to whole health for men, which include exercise, diet, lifestyle choices, working conditions and more. The body and mind can be subjected to tough jobs, stressful situations, strenuous activities and rugged lifestyles. Whole health requires care inside and out in order to recover and cope with persistent negative conditions.  

Mental and physical health should always be addressed and acknowledged as an important daily routine. Fatigue and stress can cause an already present illness to become worse and leading to premature fatality or significant loss in abilities. Men should always seek a balance throughout the day and not overexert energy, overindulge in unhealthy foods, or overly strain physical capabilities. 

04 | Resources

Men’s health is becoming more and more recognized as something that should be openly discussed and addressed. It is now easier to learn how men can better their health with a growing network of resources devoted to information, and education; both online and across provider practices. Consider all options when working toward better health. 

Learn More

For more information on men’s health, please visit https://www.menshealthnetwork.org/ 

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