Improving Physician/Staff Communication

Posted Friday, December 28, 2018

Did You Know? According to a recent survey, Specialists fall behind in their appointment schedule 25% of the time during the day

Communication is Key

Improving Physician/Staff Communication Leads to a Better Workflow, Happier Employees and More Satisfied Patients

01 | Why Good Communication is So Important

Communication is one of the most important tools in any relationship – personal or professional. In the medical office, clear communication between staff and physicians is vital for ensuring the quality of care for patients.  

02 | Six Steps to Improve Communication

Note the following six steps to improve physician/staff communication in your office:

  • Conduct training programs on active listening and responsible communications.
  • Encourage opportunities for staff to interact, both formal and informal. This may include luncheons and networking events.
  • Encourage “team huddles.” A team environment reduces the potential for intimidation, mutual respect grows through collaboration and communication lines are improved.
  • Share the vision! When physicians and staff all understand the same organizational vision, they feel engaged and are all aligned to commit to the success of the practice.
  • Do your staff and physicians know each other? Introduce new team members to each staff member and to each physician. This is a great step in breaking down barriers.
  • Host an annual dinner for your staff. This is a significant step in creating an environment conducive to improved, honest and respectful communication.

03 | Committed to Your Success

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