Focus On Health During The Holidays

Posted Thursday, December 8, 2016

Did You Know? Peak flu season in the U.S. is December to February

Adults in the U.S. Gain More Than a Pound During the Holiday Season

People Who Sleep At Least Eight Hours Nightly Are Three Times Less Likely to Catch a Cold Than Those Who Sleep For Less Than Seven

Holidays – a time of good cheer, family togetherness and lavish meals. However, the holidays shouldn’t mean over-indulgence, neglecting your fitness routine or disregarding your health. 

Follow these tips for a safe, healthy and successfully holiday season. 

01 | Holiday Meals

  • Indulge in only the most special holiday treats – training yourself what to indulge in and what to skip is like budgeting your finances; be balanced.
  • Stock the freezer with healthy meals – everyone is busy during the holidays, which can lead to poor eating habits. Prepare beforehand by cooking meals and storing them in the freezer for easy access.
  • Find basic supportive foods for your diet that provide energy and nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

02 | Maintaining Your Exercise Routine

  • Create a personal challenge – incorporate a new exercise in your routine.
  • Sign up for a race or competition during the winter months.
  • Find a workout buddy to keep you motivated.
  • Set realistic goals.

03 | Preventing Illness

  • Wipe away germs – if you are using public transportation such as an airplane or train, use disinfecting wipes on the armrests, tray table and latch, air vent and your seat buckle, and let air-dry.
  • Stay hydrated – dry airways are more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Drink plenty of water during the winter season, especially if you are traveling.
  • Wash your hands – thorough handwashing is one of the most important ways to reduce the spread of disease. Keep alcohol-based hand sanitizer for those occasions when hand-washing is not available.
  • Get enough rest – lack of sleep wears down the body’s defenses and increases your risk for illness.

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