Diabetes Education Week

Posted Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Did you know? Increased symptoms of depression affect one in four adults with diabetes.

30 million Americans suffer from diabetes, another 86 million have pre-diabetes. 

01 | Introduction

During Diabetes Education Week, millions of patients, caregivers, families, and more recognize that knowledge is important to fighting diabetes. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of deaths in the United States and costs billions in healthcare every year. Diabetes can also have long-term effects throughout the body leading to hearth conditions, loss of vision, and other diseases.

02 | Being Aware

As so many people are affected by this disease it is beneficial to consider these populations in everyday interactions. Consider for instance children in schools, many may have diabetes and require medication and adjusted diets. If administration is more informed and aware they could help those students. Sensitivity and compassion in that child’s life can change their outlook on their disease.

03 | Preventive Action

Many people are often diagnosed to be pre-diabetic and require regular blood checks and lifestyle changes to ensure they do not become diabetic. Individuals who have family history are especially susceptible. Excellent self-care and concern for individual health is imperative in maintaining a lifestyle that will not require daily medication and monitoring.  For those who are pre-diabetic providers often recommend changes to diet and exercise. Eating healthy foods that do not cause large fluctuations in blood sugar levels is key to successfully avoiding diabetes. Exercise helps the body metabolize sugars so the body does not become imbalanced.

04 | Moving Forward

While there is no cure for diabetes, there have been great advances in research and development for necessary medications for patients. Many people can also help by being a support system for those with diabetes and to be a companion in healthier choices. Become an advocate for diabetic patients by spreading knowledge and reducing stigma.

Learn More

For more information on diabetes and supportive resources please visit www.diabetes.org.

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