CuraScript SD: Inventory Management

Posted Wednesday, May 2, 2018

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Revolving Inventory to Fit Your Needs

CuraScript SD maintains inventory within three distribution centers across the country.

01 | Inventory Purchasing

CuraScript SD’s policies, processes, and systems work in conjunction to ensure that adequate levels of inventory are maintained to support routine customer demand. Customer order fill rates are tracked, and monitored to ensure we are performing at above average fill rates. The Purchasing team works closely with manufacturers to provide expected usage and monitors product availability. The Procurement team makes every effort to be proactive and diligent in supporting customer demands by regularly reviewing backorder reporting to identify any need for alternate drug sourcing.

02 | Maintaining Inventory

Inventory is planned from an initial forecast and is regularly updated based on actual demand. Product is reordered based on its most recent actual purchase history, which is maintained in CuraScript SD’s system with on-hand and on-order quantities. This information, combined with consideration for market forecast issues such as seasonal demand, plant shutdowns, product supply shortages, and new indications, allow for our inventory plan to be updated on a real-time basis.

03 | FEFO

CuraScript SD follows first expiry first out (FEFO) inventory management processes to limit inventory of short dated or expired product, and thus ensure product integrity and patient safety. When an order is filled, the distribution database automatically selects the lot number with the nearest expiration date. The lot number and expiration date print directly on the pick list so that our Distribution Associates pull the correct inventory allocated for order. During the quality inspection and packing process, the NDC and lot number of the product is rechecked against the expiration date on the pick list to re-verify that the correct product with the nearest expiration date has been pulled from inventory. We reconcile daily shipping reports with weekly stock status reports to ensure that product with the nearest expiration date has been utilized.

04 | Alternate Distribution Center

CuraScript SD carefully maintains inventory par levels for products within each distribution center based on the unique inventory needs of the customers within the distribution center’s region. CuraScript SD has the flexibility to support product fulfillment at various distribution sites throughout the country as appropriate. In the event of a supply shortage or other market event, our automated system seamlessly routes customer orders to any of our distribution centers where product is available for shipment.

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