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Posted Monday, August 13, 2018

Did You Know? In a recent survey, healthcare is considered the number one industry based on Net Promoter Score.


Structured for Specialty

CuraScript SD has an Exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 76 - That Makes Us an Industry Leader in Customer Satisfaction.


01 | Customer Relationships

CuraScript SD is known for our exceptional customer experience and constant dedication to our customers. Any and all customers are treated with the same attention to detail and importance, whether they have been a customer for five days or five years. Our philosophy is to fully support our customers so they can provide the best care for their patients. 

We value personalized service and assign dedicated account managers to ensure customers are receiving the full benefits CuraScript SD has to offer. Our customer relationships are important and an intricate part in how we conduct business. Having specialized and highly trained teams in various disease states and medical proficiencies is how we can support a vast range of customers and ensure efficiency success efforts. 

02 | Net Promoter Score

Once a year CuraScript SD conducts a survey among our customers in order to get beneficial feedback to improve our business. The questions range in subject and help cover the main areas a customer interacts with. Strategic questions about account managers, customer service, products, and shipping allow us to grow and develop for an elevated customer experience. 

One of the questions asked is a rating of a customer’s likeliness to recommend CuraScript SD to another customer; this is the prerequisite to an NPS. After the metrics are analyzed CuraScript SD continues to have an above average NPS score year after year. This makes us the only company in our industry that consistently delivers exceptional results. 

03 | Focus on Improvement

While our customers support and recommend us to other customers it is important to also assess any areas that need improvement. Taking feedback from the yearly survey and evaluating areas that need improvement is crucial to continued growth and customer satisfaction. We continuously work on improving any business area that customers wish to see improvement. 

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