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Posted Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Did You Know? CuraScript SD's product portfolio ranges across a broad range of segments and specialties.

At CuraScript SD we know the importance of working closely with physicians and manufacturers. Our goal is to offer products and solutions that benefit any provider or facility. Giving providers options that are specialized and Caring For Those Who Care is what differentiates CuraScript SD within the healthcare community.

01 | Inventory Management

CuraScript SD's procurement team works to ensure proper inventory levels for sustainment and continued support to physicians across the country. We continuously monitor product stock while simultaneously keeping an extensive variety of brand-name and generic products. Our teams work together creating a fluid process and inventory checks that provide accurate and timely information so we can operate with optimal inventory.

02 | Manufacturer Relationship

CuraScript SD has extensive relationships with over 250 manufacturers and vendors. These relationships allow for open communication and streamlined processes which in turn leads to better outcomes. We communicate recalls, vendor changes, contract requirements, ordering requirements, etc. in partnership with manufacturers.

We believe that maintaining solid foundations and great relationships with manufacturers and vendors is important to successful partnerships.

03 | Competitive Advantage

Our teams are driven to get the best possible pricing, and access on products for our customers. We leverage various factors to negotiate value and variety. CuraScript SD is diligent to review all factors and circumstances to acquire products. We listen to our customers and partners and ensure we are meeting every possible need within the industry. We keep patients in mind while supporting providers.

04 | Compliance

The procurement teams work closely with the distribution centers to confirm shipments, and proper procedures are followed for inventory control, storage, shipping and maintenance. We follow compliance and regulated processes determined by manufacturer, state, and federal guidelines and requirements.

Product care is of the utmost importance as we provide critical and essential medications to pharmacies and providers.

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