Addressing Women's Health

Posted Thursday, March 14, 2019

Did You Know? 20 percent of women aged 18-64 have two or more chronic conditions

About 130 Women Out of Every 100,000 Die from Heart Disease in the U.S. 

U.S. Female Life expectancy at Birth is 81 Years

Women’s health is important to both those who are living today and to future generations. Observing and acknowledging women’s health is necessary to gain further recognition and attention to the needs of women. Women are encouraged to be in tune with what the body and mind need for a healthy and long life.  Please use this guide as a resource for knowledge and understanding of various health topics that are important to successful women’s health.   

01│Diet & Exercise

It all starts with smart choices and being better to your body. Keeping a nutritious and balanced diet is key for optimal whole health. Maintain a low fat diet with minimal sugar. Choose a diet that is compatible with your lifestyle and dietary needs.  Be reasonable to your mind and body when choosing an exercise routine. High impact, heavy weight, and excessive exercise can be damaging to the body. Be smart and do activities that are age, weight, and health appropriate. Starting out slow may be necessary for optimal effect without jeopardizing other health factors.    

02│Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among American women. With that in mind, it is important to have a lifestyle conducive to a healthy heart. Many factors contribute to the successful function of the heart, leading to the need for regular check-ups and any discussions with a provider about concerns is important.  Remember that a healthy oral care is a preventative measure to heart disease, as those with unhealthy gums are more likely to suffer from a cardiac condition. No smoking is also critical to not only heart health but overall wellness.      

03│Bone Basics

Women have less dense and smaller bones than men. As women age they rapidly lose bone density at a much higher rate than men, particularly after menopause.  In order to combat pain, weakness, and other complications women should regularly take vitamins and minerals to support bone health. Women are more likely to have chronic pain, and be prescribed pain medications, so it is important to take preventive measures.  

04│Stopping Stress

Women are often put under a lot of stress every day, between working, family, and balancing all the duties and needs of those around them. It is important to maintain a positive and balanced mind. Stress can become a powerful hurdle that can manifest in both mental and physical strain. If stress is not properly understood and corrected a patient can suffer.  

Stress can affect sleep, mood, eating habits, and so much more. Stay balanced by making time to decompress, realize you are dealing with too much, and recognize when you need a break. 

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