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Posted Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Did you know? CuraScript SD maintains extended hours for customer support.

01 | Introduction

At CuraScript SD we believe that working one on one with our customers is crucial to customer support. That’s why everyone within the organization works tirelessly to help both customers and our internal teams. We work together in a unique cross-functional support system to ensure the best customer experience. By operating with a vast network of support throughout the organization we excel at meeting your needs. There are over 20 teams that are committed to the customer experience, here are some of our dedicated support teams.  

02 | Customer Support

CuraScript SD’s Customer Support team is not only committed to answering your calls, but they assist in fax orders, mail-in narcotic orders, emails, and online ordering website onboarding. Their dedication does not stop at answering one question, but also collaborate in resolution of any other inquiry, concern, or remark.   

We believe in quality responses to our customers, and our teams work diligently to have or find the answer. We are ready to assist on a diverse and broad range of questions to find the simplest and best solutions for you. CuraScript SD will always work with speed and purpose, keeping the customer first.  

03 | Rare Disease Operations

This unique team is committed to the care and processing of some of our most delicate and critical orders. Customers who work though this team rely on medications that are time-sensitive and life-saving. This highly specialized team works through a unique set of regulations, guidelines, and processes that are required for such medications.   

04 | Digital Services

The Digital Services team is a subset of individuals who have expertise in EDI, CSOS application and the online ordering website. This team manages EDI onboarding, third-party relationships, and troubleshooting for customers. Digital Services members also guide CSOS application support, online ordering website escalations, and a distinct range of online and program support.   

05 | Sales Support

CuraScript SD has teams throughout the sales organization that cohesively support customers and sales teams as a whole. This allows for expedited assistance in placing orders, shipment questions, forms and application guidance, contract management and much more.

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