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Posted Friday, May 25, 2018

Did You Know? CuraScript SD allows customers to start Return Goods Authorization online.

Maintaining Excellence in Distribution

CuraScript SD's Quality and Logistics team oversees an average of over 100 Rare and Orphan drug shipments per day.

01 | Shipments

We do our best to ensure packages arrive promptly and safely to their destination. With many orders shipped as overnight and priority it is important that we have access to accurate tracking and are aware of any possible complications with shipping. We offer assistance with any shipping needs and make sure that items are delivered in a timely manner. CuraScript SD offers products that require strict temperature and shipping conditions and it is imperative that all packages arrive to their destination in the proper condition.

02 | Training

Quality and Logistics works diligently to make sure all personnel have the proper training and information to ensure that all policies and procedures are accurately met and adhered to. It is important that our teams have all the knowledge they need to complete their duties while maintaining accurate, organized and up-to-date information. Processes are reviewed often to make certain we are continuing education and training that best fits every department. The department makes sure that all employees are knowledgeable and comfortable in handling any situation that may arise. 

03 | Audits

While continuously having document control over critical areas for business functionality it is important to have accurate records and resources at all times. It is this department’s responsibility to make sure that manufacturer audits meet every requirement to maintain our excellent manufacturer relationships. Ensuring all federal and state regulations are met and recorded is critical to compliance and business needs. Quality and Logistics maintains responsibility over internal documents and policies every day. 

04 | Return Goods Authorization

There are times when items must be returned and processed accurately. Depending on the items being returned there could be several factors that must be reviewed to determine the future use of the item. Some items may be able to be re-stocked, while other may need to be destroyed, or sent back to the manufacturer. It is our responsibility to handle all returned items properly and to limit waste. Returned goods go through a highly documented authorization process. No item can be returned to a warehouse without being properly inspected and recorded. Reviewing specific returned goods policies by manufacturer is always necessary for compliance purposes.

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